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Professor Sy Yentz' Science Gnus pronounced "news" - a Factual (mostly) and Fictual (occasionally)
                    source of gnus for everyone

Science Gnus
is an almanacish compendium with elucidation and occasional exaggeration News of Science (lots of Science), History, Mathematics and Items of Interest with  comment and elucidation, for each day of the year.  It also contains Professor Sy Yentz, answering questions, Dr. Matt Matician connecting science and mathematics, the Activity of the Month, Factorinos, Trivia Questions, Bonus Trivia Questions, Extinct Kaput animals and plants, Jokes, Obscure Questions, and Important Vocabulary Words.

Pages are updated several times a month by Science Gnus Editorial fiat, inspiration, new notable event or whim.

Note:  Professor Sy Yentz takes 30 minutes just to introduce himself and then never stops.  Most states and several countries have forbidden his long winded presentations as violations of the Geneva Convention.

John Cafarella, however, is available for school and district Professional Development activities ranging from keynote speeches to workshops to consultations.

John Cafarella has been in education as a teacher and supervisor for thirty-five years. He has taught grades 4, 5, and 6 at the elementary level and Earth Science in grades 8 and 10 at the secondary level. He has been director of a school-based planetarium in the Bronx, NY working with grades K-12.  John has also supervised K-12 science and mathematics programs in New York City and Newburgh, NY.
     John writes and edits Science Gnus, a monthly newsletter and now a  Website <http:/> that highlights local, state, and national science education news.  Calendars, trivia, activity ideas, and strategies for professional development can be found on the site sprinkled with humor, puns, and challenges to think outside the box!.   John has also written Science Funomena, a weekly science education column, for the New York Daily News as well as study guides for commercially released movies. He has written and directed federal, state and private grants totaling over 6 million dollars.
     Since his “retirement”, John has served as Project Director for a National Science Foundation Mathematics professional development grant, “Teacher Leaders = Mathematics Success” at Lehman College in Bronx, New York. He is a consultant for several school districts, as well as for Delta Education.  His blend of humor and his knowledge of educational issues make him a popular presenter at local, state, and national levels.
     John has received the School and Culture Award sponsored by the Alliance for the Arts as well as the Leadership in Science Education Award for the NYS Science Supervisor of the Year. He is also the first supervisor to receive the Science Teachers Association of New York State (South-East)(STANYS) Outstanding Teaching Award.

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